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The stuff we call "software" is not like anything that human society is used to thinking about. Software is something like a machine, and something like mathematics, and something like language, and something like thought, and art, and information… But software is not in fact any of those other things.

-- The Hacker Crackdown, by Bruce Sterling



  • Sieve of Eratosthenes
  • MPQS, SIQS and GNFS on Sony Playstation 3 Cell B. E.
  • Cunningham chains
  • Strong pseudo­primes
  • Matrix Powers Kernels
  • Goldbach conjecture
  • Machine Learning



Jens Domke, Emil Vatai, Aleksandr Drozd, Peng Chen, Yosuke Oyama, Lingqi Zhang,Shweta Salaria, Daichi Mukunoki, Artur Podobas, Mohamed Wahib, Satoshi Matsuoka
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Numbers, Functions, Equations 2013 (NFE’13)
Visegrád, Hungary, 2013. "Inverse Sieve"
TÁMOP szeminárium
Visegrád, Hungary, 2012. "Cache optimizált sziták"
8th Joint Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science
Komarno, Slovakia, 2010. "Cache optimized sieve"
8. Vajdasági Magyar Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia
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4th International Symposium on Research and Education of Computational Science (RECS)
The Computational Science Alliance of the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 2019 "Communication avoiding and memory hierarchy in large computations" Emil Vatai, Utsav Singhal, Suda Reiji
Hallgatók a kutatásban, Tudományos előadássorozat
ELTE IK, Budapest, Hungary, 2010. "Nagyharékonyságú számítások: Eratosthenészi szita".


  • Scientific organiser of the 11th Joint Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science, in Eger, Hungary

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  • Emil Vatai
  • Programdesigner mathematician
  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Eötvös Loránd University,
  • Faculty of Informatics
  • 1117 Budapest, Hungary
  • Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C
  • Room D2-204 (South building)

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