The aim of Technical Reports in Informatics is to publish research papers written by the members of Faculty of  Informatics of ELU and by the members of cooperating foreign universities

Technical Reports cover the following topics:


Section A: Algorithms and complexity

Editor: Prof. Antal IVÁNYI


ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: AL, DS, OS

ACM98 codes: F, D4, C4

MSC2010 codes: 68M, 68Q25, 68R, 68U, 68W


Section C: Computer algebra and computer architectures

Editor: Prof. Antal JÁRAI

(mailto: jarai@compalg.inf.elte.hu)

ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: AR, CN4

ACM98 codes: B, G.2

MSC2010 codes: 68M, 68W30


Section H: Harmonic analysis, approximation, Fourier analysis

Editor: Prof. Ferenc Schipp

(mailto: schipp@ludens.elte.hu)

ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: CN1

ACM98 codes: G.1

MSC2010 codes: 41, 42, 43


Section I: Information management and intelligent systems

Editor: Prof. András BENCZÚR

(mailto: benczur@ullman.inf.elte.hu)

ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: IM, IS, NC

ACM98 codes: E, H

MSC2010 codes: 68P, 68T


Section N: Numerical analysis

Editor: Prof. Gisbert STOYAN

(maito: stoyan@ludens.elte.hu)

ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: CN1, CN3

ACM98 codes: I.6

MSC2010 codes: 65


Section S:  Software engineering

Editor: Prof. László VARGA

(mailto: varga@ludens.inf.elte.hu)

ACM Curriculum 2001 codes: PF, PL, SE

ACM98 codes: D1, D2, D3

MSC2010 code: 68N


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