Midterm Test 02

This is the test worksheet

Solutions for the test

So I do it


You can reach 100 points.   

   -30 points: 1 

31-50 points: 2 

51-60 points: 3 

61-80 points: 4 

     81- points: 5  

Midterm Test 01

This is the test worksheet

Worksheets in PDF format

May be you do can not open the Maple worksheets:

Maple as calculator

Solving various types of equations

Computing limit and differentiation

Functions in Maple

About te grading

On the next week (24.04) there will a midterm test: five exercises from the so far learned material, within 45 minutes. Naturally, you will write it in the Lab. Sometimes later will be another two tests.

Lesson 07

We begun to learn how to maje Calculus in Maple.

Presentation about differentiation

And the examples

Lesson 06

We learned how can we make own functions is Maple, and wrote some programs.

A presentation

Some examples

And there were some things about the number π

Lesson 05

We finished the Maple solvers: we studied the recurrence sequences, and wrote some programs.

The knowledge

The solved examples

Lesson 04

We continued the study of Maple's solvers: numerical solvers, diophantine problems ands congruences. Additionally we learned the basic programming structures of Maple.

Fundamentals of Programming

Lesson 03

In this an d previous time we viewed exact solutions of algebraic and transcendent equations. Next we will solve equations in more special type, for example congruences. After these I will upload some material.

Lesson 02 -- The Solvers

Coming soon!

Lesson 01 -- Introduction

We learned some basic facts about computer algebra systems and their history. In practise we acquainted Maple as a calculator.

Introduction and History

Some basic facts about Maple

Examples in theme ''Maple As Calculator''

25.february 2012.

In this semester we deal with the computer algebra system Maple. I will permanently upload to this side foils containing the theoretical materials of lessons. These folies contain some material about another computer algebra system, Sage. It is only for curious. I will upload Maple worksheets too, containing some of the examples occured on the practise.